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If you can say anything about the weather in Minnesota, it’s that it's hardly regular. You can get huge snow falls one day, spring heat the next. This isn’t to mention storms, blistering summers, sub-arctic winters, and the other odd happenings that occur over the Minnesota year.


Thankfully, you have us at your disposal to take care of any storm damage that these crazy weather patterns should incur on your window dressings, treatments, or awnings.

When you enlist our help for your window treatment repair work, you can count on not having to pay an arm and a leg. We always offer competitive rates and pricing for our labor.

When it comes to repairs or cleanings, it’s hard to know what needs to be done without seeing the damage. We will pay you an in-home visit to get a better grasp of the matter before we offer you a free quote.

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Initially opened in St. Paul in 1921, you can trust us as your local window treatment experts.

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